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Discover how AVID DigitalXP creates common instructional language on campuses whether they are face to face, hybrid, or virtual, resulting in enhanced rigor in all classes and for all students despite the ongoing pandemic.

Learn how engagement is modeled in AVID DigitalXP so participants can experience and replicate specific engagement strategies back in their virtual or face-to-face classroom.

Hear from others who have already participated in AVID DigitalXP, and see what exactly is included in this professional learning opportunity. (We have a special sneak peek for you we think you’ll love!)

Learn how we have expanded AVID DigitalXP for 2021 and why you and your team don’t want to miss it, even if you joined us last year!

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Join us for a free information session.
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April 20, 3:30 pm CT

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This AVID DigitalXP training is the best professional development I have ever been a part of! It’s highly interactive and my notebook has pages full of great strategies and resources. I’m bringing back so many classroom and digital ideas.

—Rachel Eyre, Teacher, South Fort Myers High School